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  • Ethical and fair debt collection
  • Fair payment agreements can usually be made

Are you liable for a charge?

Have you received a collection letter from Alskil about an unpaid claim? If you are unable to pay the claim you may seek payment agreements.

While such an agreement is honored no additional costs other than the interest are added to the claim in question. Your interest is best served by responding to the first letter in the collection process and pay the claim or negotiate.

In this case, the claim has been sent to collection Alskil who strive to provide the creditor the best service and also help you to do the billing settlement as convenient as possible.

There are several ways to pay the claim. Alskil can help you determine which suits you best each time. It is best to pay or negotiate as soon as possible, thereby avoiding additional collection costs.

Do not hesitate to contact our staff wich will help you in any way they can.

Client Key information

Why choose us?
Debt recovery is an important part of running a business as it can seriously affect your cashflow when customers and clients refuse to pay. Recovering business debts can be time consuming and costly so having someone you can rely on to arrange your business debt recovery quickly and easily is a vital consideration.

Recovering Your Debts
We understand how important it is to get your invoices paid as soon as possible, so we have made it quick and easy to instruct us. Once we are on the case we have dedicated and enthusiastic staff and highly efficient processes in place, so we can take the burden off you and work towards a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

Free Instant Online Access
We offer a free secure online service where you can issue instructions, view the status of your debt recovery and see any updates to your cases, which are made available to you within seconds of us entering them. To access our online services, open an account with us for free and receive your login details as soon as we start to work together.
  • Incoming payments are secured
  • Domestic debt collection
  • Prompt and secure transfer of debt recovered
  • System tailored to your business, your needs
  • Legal debt collection
  • More time for your core business